212d3 waiver and H1B visa extension

I received a 212d3 waiver on my visa stamp valid for 3 years. My question is would my H1B extension after the validity of the visa have problems due to this.

It depends on the reason of applying the waiver. Why did you apply it?

Reason is not known yet. But the consulate applied it on my behalf at time of stamping.

Have you ever stayed in US beyond your i94 expiry?

Were you ever deported from US?

How is it possible that you do not know the reason. You must have signed the waiver form.

What questions were asked by visa officer?

I can’t really help unless you tell the complete story.

I had previously traveled to the us on an expired stamp but that I already declared at my visa interview. The officer asked me about any previous trouble which I answered correctly. He submitted the waiver for me and I received the visa with it. Not sure what the misrepresentation is in this case and how it applies to me.

What happened at US port of entry when you reached there with expired visa stamp?

Were you deported? Was any travel ban added to your name?
Did you have a valid approved i797 even when you had expired visa stamp?

No I was not deported no travel ban was added. Yes I had a valid i797 so I was given a spot waiver and asked to fix the date asap by getting a visa interview. I immediately fixed it by traveling out of the us got an interview and a new stamp without any issues. Have gotten several stamps after that as well with no issues until this year where it became an issue at my home country visit.

It should be fine then. I don’t see any issue with future extensions.