2020 taxes - Spouse moved to Canada permanently? should i file joint or seperate?

Hi Anil,

My husband was in US from 2014 TO 2018 and during that time we filed taxes “married & Jointly” however in nov 2018 my husband moved to Canada permanently so for 2019 year tax filing should i file separate or joint? If i file joint then do i have to show his income in Canada and if yes would that have any impact on my taxes, do i have to pay more? also he had a robinhood account here which is still active but he doesn’t do alot of stock trading n all, maybe worth few hundreds of $$. I m getting conflicting info online as some are saying i should file as head of family and include my husband else it will create issues during green card etc etc. can you please advise what would be the correct way of doing this as my husband may move back here (we are not 100% sure yet on this). thanks

The information you have shared is not sufficient to suggest anything meaningful.

It is better to consult a CPA.