190 VIC with 75 points for 351112 Pastry Cook, submitted EOI 8 months ago

Hi Anil,
We submitted an EOI to Victoria subclass190 on18th September 2018 under category 351112 - Pastry Cook with 75 points. Haven’t received a response till date. Subsequently applied for a 489 to SA under same category with 80 points for which we have just received an invitation. Do you see any wisdom in waiting for the 190 from Victoria? or can we proceed with SA without pulling out our application for 190/VIC

My suggestion is to go ahead with SA invitation as Victoria is notorious for rejecting their pre-invites after sitting on them for months.

Thanks Anil, appreciate you taking the time to respond.

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Hi Anil, how easy will it be to convert a 489 to a PR once we fulfill the requirements

It is straightforward if you are eligible.

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