190 for a self employed entrepreneur with varied work experience



I’d like to thank in advance all those here helping us to get our questions answered.

My main questions right now are the following:

  1. All my life I’ve been self employed and started several small businesses, all under one company that I own myself 100%. Wine import, photography services, textile manufacturing, property management, etc, just to name a few. So how will that be assessed?

  2. My Bachelor is in Tourism and my Master in Entrepreneurship. My Master was 100% taught in English. Does that help me out for the English Assessment part of the Points calculation? I do not see any option there for higher education taught in English. I have never done any of the mentioned tests there.

  3. There are several job codes I could apply for, with the 190 visa and even 189. Can I apply for more than one? Should I do it if I can?
    Here’s what I could possibly apply for:
    Accommodation and Hospitality Managers nec [141999] STSOL * VETASSESS
    Corporate Services Manager [132111] STSOL * VETASSESS
    Management Consultant [224711] MLTSSL * VETASSESS (189 + 190)
    Photographer [211311] STSOL * VETASSESS
    Sales and Marketing Manager [131112] STSOL * AIM

Probably the one that fits the best for the most amount of time is Management Consultant since that applies to every line of business I’ve been involved in.

  1. My university education might not be directly related to my work experience and the job code I could apply for. Photography for example, I’ve never studied the subject but I’ve work with it professionally for about 6 years.

  2. Like any self employed entrepreneur, you end up doing multiple things at the same time. So how to show exactly how many years experience you have for a certain skill?

My main issue here, is that I am both the employer and the employee. I am hired by other companies to perform certain jobs/tasks and in the wine import business I am the one selling the wine directly to the end consumer as well.

All this makes me wonder exactly how I should make my application since it isn’t something common and might be open to interpretation?

I hope someone here can shed some light on the best way to proceed.

Some more information I can present is that I have double nationality: Portugal and Sweden and I have done a 417 Working Holiday between October 2017 and 2018. Depending on the level of English given and on how many work experience I’d be given, I can score anywhere from 65 to even 75. This includes 5 points for state sponsorship.

Thank you for your help and look forward hearing your ideas.

(Anil Gupta) #2

The first step is to find your job’s ANZSCO code. You have not mentioned which code best suits your profile.

The Australia 189 and 190 PR visa are for skill based permanent residency which can primarily be proved by your education and the related employment work you would have done.

I am afraid that business work may not qualify at all.


Thanks Anil.

I was actually just editing my first post while you replied.

So you mean that just because I did all this work under my own company, it won’t count, but if I did it by being employed by another company, it would?

(Anil Gupta) #4

All the work that relates to your selected job code would count.

Education will count if it is related to your selected ANZSCO code too.


Thanks for that. How does it get counted though when it has been done via my own company? What proof do I need to show?

(Anil Gupta) #6

The proofs that you need so submit depend on the assessment agency and their policies.