189/190 - what is Date of Effect and pro-rata occupation


I have been following your blog and it is very helpful. Thanks a lot for keeping us informed. However I do have some questions on my invitation and following are my details.

Category 189
Points - 75
Job Code - 261313

Date of effect - May 15th 2019(I have actually submitted my EOI application on Jan 25th 2019 but on May 15th 5 points were added to my application and the date of effect changed to May 15th. Can you please let me know what impact this will have and when will I get my invitation for 189.

The major concern is now I have 30 points for age and that changes to 25 on Aug 31st 2019 since my age changes to 33. what are the chances that I have that I will get an invite before Aug 31st 2019.

Same goes with 190 where the date of effect is same and points are 80.

Please help me understand this date of effect and Pro rata concept


Sharath Rapole.

Date of effect means that your application with increased points i. e. 75 will be considered for draw with this date in the pool of 75 pointers.

You can read my article explaining the concept and meaning of pro-rata job codes for Australia PR.

You have good chance of invite in August 2019 draw with 75 points for 261313.

I cannot estimate state invites. Sorry.