189/190- Claiming spouse points - same code or same list?


Can someone help me understand this.

I have applied for 189/190 Australia Pr Visa under 261313 Job code.

I have a confusion on claiming spouse points. He falls under 221112 -Management accountant. My consultant told me, he should be also in same Job Code which is 2613 , inorder to claim spouse points. Hence I did not get any assessment done for my spouse and waiting from an year with 70 Points(No spouse points included) for an invite.

Now, I am hearing that spouse should be in same MLTSOL List ( 2211 and 2613 are in same MLTSOL List).

Can someone clear this confusion.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Anoosha_Emandi

You can claim spouse points if all three criteria are met one of which is that job code should fall in same list.

Its not same job code.