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H4 EAD may be withdrawn by DHS in 2018 - Bad news ( 2 3 ) (45)
Transferred my H1B to new Employer B based on approved I 140 (3)
Trump plans to stop birthright US citizenship for non green card holders - H1B included (1)
60 Grace period unused days carryover once per the H1B petition’s validity period (2)
USCIS shares Current EB-485 Inventory Data - EB2 India has huge numbers (3)
USCIS NTA policy - 18 to 33 days grace period before NTA is issued (1)
USCIS allows deportation proceeding after H1B Extension or Transfer Denial (1)
H1B premium processing suspended for extension, transfer and amendment (1)
EB3 India moves ahead of EB2 in USCIS October 2018 visa bulletin (1)
DHS plans to change H1B specialty occupation criteria, employer employee, wage level (1)
H1B Extension can be denied without RFE or NOID now - USCIS changes policy (4)
H1B premium processing suspended ONLY for new H1B 2019 season cap applications (1)
Automatic F1 - OPT termination on Transfer to another school or course change (1)
USCIS aims to restrict F1, J and M visas after H1B with stricter rules (1)
PERM applications are rising - Indian Green Card queue increasing faster than ever (1)
USCIS Website Processing Times for I-485 Applications has Unrealistic Time Goals and Un-Reliable information (1)
Nepal TPS needs re-registration to keep EAD and status active (1)
Completely Online Processing of FOIA Requests lauched by USCIS (1)
USCIS announces extra 15K H2-B visas - Cleverly using people on Demand (1)
DHS is removing International Entrepreneur Rule for Budding Start Ups (1)
Bill to increase legal skilled H1b EB1, EB2 and EB3 green cards by 45% introduced in house - Good news (1)
42% Increase in Indian H1B Extension, Transfer, Amendment Denials under Trump (1)
USCIS increases Premium processing fees from $1225 to $1410 (1)
EB2 India has not moved an INCH in last couple of years (2)
DHS new rules for H1B lottery - Priority for high wage petitions (4)
H1B extension after 6 year may be STOPPED - Leaked memo says DHS thinking of ways to twist AC21 law (3)
USCIS Visa Bulletin Current Priority Dates - FAMILY Based Green Card Application (2)
Use Passport instead of driving License at airport - REAL ID for Visa holders (2)
H1-B Visa Approvals harder for Third party consultant with new USCIS Policy (5)